Motivate & Inspire

Bridging the Gap




I have been performing on Stage and Television since I was 4.  I was working in my parent's Entertainment Company and traveling around the world performing in different venues.  These experiences gave me insight in understanding the cultural differences and taboos, one sometimes faces when performing.


It became a full circle moment for me when Wildlife Reserve Singapore offered me an opportunity to share my passion of being an Animal Ambassador, with the many visitors who visited the parks.   


I will always be grateful to Wildlife Reserve Singapore for supporting me on my journey in communications.


I realised something while working in the parks, conservation has a long way to go.  I wanted to know why, and what can we do, to improve this.  In my journey of understanding the reasons, over 20 years of research later,  I have come to realise the importance of Human Communications and Customer Service.


So now I motivate and inspire people on Human Communications and Animal Interactions.  We can do all the leg work required to get a project started.  It will never be a success, if attention is not given to conveying the message to the masses.