Communications in Conservation and Animals

It is amazing to see Animal Interactions, the connection is immediate!  Whether it was overcoming their fear or enjoying the moment they shared with the animal, it will be something the Guests will keep with them.


I treasure those moments, it allows me to see how the message I conveyed, be passed on to their families, friends, colleagues and so on.  It is a chain reaction from one person to another.


This would be the best pyramid scheme ever, if we can succeed in touching one person to care about the Animals and the Environment.


That is my goal, and have been privileged enough to receive complimentary letters from guests, showing their appreciation in my delivery.  This only motivates me to raise my standard of communications so that I can reach out to more people.

Community Reach


It starts with me!


Going into the Communities and Schools allows me an opportunity to convey the message on a personal level.  It inspires me whenever I see a smile or a look, as if a light bulb has turned on.  I know it means they are connecting to my passion for conservation. 


A sense of urgency is needed, to educate the community on respect, and welfare of the animals.